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disabledcooking's Journal

Cooking for the Disabled
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This community is dedicated to sharing easy yet healthy recipes and cooking techniques for those who are disabled in any way, shape, or form.


Most importantly, as stated above, any recipes posted must be easy to make. And when I say easy, I mean VERY easy. No recipes requiring chopping up and preparing tons of ingredients are allowed and recipes requiring a person to stand at the stove for long periods of time are not allowed. The reason for this is because a lot of people with disabilities do not have the energy or the ability to devote to cooking.

"Healthy recipes" is a rather relative term. Obviously, a recipe involving dairy is not healthy for someone who is lactose intolerant and a recipe with wheat in it will not be healthy for someone with Leaky Gut Syndrome. What we want to try and avoid are foods that are overloaded with fat, calories, etc. If you have nutrition information with your recipe, PLEASE post it!

Posting pictures relating to your post is fine, but it must go behind an LJ cut. To do an LJ cut, you can either do this simple one: <lj-cut>, or you can do one with a different cut tag message such as <lj-cut text="Type whatever you want here">. To end a cut tag, put </lj-cut> after your picture.

NO TROLLING AND/OR RUDENESS. You will be banned if you are caught doing this. If there is a disagreement regarding something in a post, please act like adults and discuss it in a mature manner. Name-calling and insults will not be tolerated.

Introductions are very welcome here, but please be sure to include a recipe or something cooking-related with your post. This is to prevent people from having to wade through a bunch of intros to get to post relevant to the topic of the community.

Most of all, enjoy your time here! I searched through the community directory trying to find a community like this that was already made to no avail. It is my hope that people will be able to greatly benefit from the posts that are made here. Having disabilities is hard enough to cope with enough without having to worry about how you're going to feed yourself!